St. Louis Litterbugs

It's not a good thing to be highlighted in this blog. People listed here have been spotted intentionally littering in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Ghosts of Christmas Past

Catching up on some old sightings that were never posted:

Documented by intrepid StLouisLitterbugs spotter Eric:
I found myself "air-pumping" my fist at some dude for flicking his cigarette on the road on my way home, then I remembered about your list.

- DirecTV Installer Truck
- License: Oklahoma C06-110
- Time: approx 3pm 12.23.2006
- Location: Southbound Old 141 (Fenton)
- Dude: Kinda had the "Anthtrax" Mullet going on

Documented by intrepid StLouisLitterbugs spotter Stacy:
Bearded guy wearing a red jacket in an older model blueish pickup with Missouri license plates 332-SZO on Christmas Eve 2006 on Morganford at Gravois.

Merry Christmas Everybody!


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